Career and Technical Education Committee

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The purpose and goals of the Career and Technical Education Committee are:

      • To identify and monitor significant issues affecting Career and Technical Education in the state
      • To promote quality CTE programs available to all students
      • To advocate for those CFT members involved in Career and Technical Education
      • To review current CFT policy, making recommendations on issues relating to CTE to the CFT Executive Council, State Council and Convention
      • To monitor state and federal issues and activities relating to CTE
      • To keep the Federation and members informed regarding issues related to CTE
      • To track and analyze legislation related to CTE, making recommendations and shaping the Federation's position on such matters
      • To work with CFT Legislative Representatives and Political Director in crafting legislative action related to CTE
      • To participate in state, federal, and organizational initiatives advancing the status of CTE
      • To widely communicate CFT's positions related to CTE.

Mission Statement for 2015-16

Whereas; the Career and Technical Education Committee consists of faculty and classified staff representing K-12, community college, adult education, and community technical education programs; and

Whereas, the CTE Committee’s role is to provide diverse insight to the Executive Board of CFT on issues concerning CTE legislation and practices; and

Whereas, the CTE Committee is concerned with the lack of foresight and lack of structure in the decision making process used to close well-grounded CTE programs at the district level during economic fluctuations. This includes programs with strong performance, positive student outcomes and long standing community need; and

Therefore, be it resolved, that CFT ensure that the AB86 Work Group be composed of K-12 and community college adult education representatives of the program(s) in question; and

Be it finally resolved, the CFT oppose privatization that is undermining our public school systems and support statutory or regulatory language assuring Local Control Funding Formula funds for the CTE programs that are accessible and affordable pathways to employment for residence of our state.

Committee members

Annmarie Glomson, Chair, Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers
Pamela Atkinson, AFT College Staff Guild
Milagros Castillo, AFT College Staff Guild
Lolita Coleman, Berkeley Council of Classified Employees
Darryl Isaac, Coast Federation of Educators
Darlene Johnson, Oxnard Federation of Teachers & School Employees
Ryan Monroy, AFT Guild, San Diego and Grossmont-Cuyamaca CC
Paul Rueckhaus, San Mateo CC Federation of Teachers
Rosemarie Shamieh, Glendale College Guild
Robert Yorgason, United Teachers Los Angeles
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Staff Liaison