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English Language Learners Committee

The mission of the CFT English Language Learners Committee is to identify and advocate for best practices and policies at the classroom, school site, district, county, state and federal levels, which will support the educational aspirations and success of English Language Learners.

The committee is composed of PreK, K-12, adult education, community college, and higher education professionals with a deep interest in English Language Learner research, education and policy and its impact on students and teachers.


English Language Learners Toolkit: Our committee has prepared a comprehensive online toolkit for students and families. It contains information and resources for ELLs in PreK-12 schools and ESL students in adult schools and community colleges.

Yes on Proposition 58: Return language instruction that helps students succeed

Committee members

Nancy Jackson, Co-Chair, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers
Monica Malamud, Co-Chair, San Mateo Community College Federation of Teachers
Isai Baltezar, Greater Santa Cruz Federation of Teachers
Gabriela Ibarra, ABC Federation of Teachers
Erla Marteinsdottir, UC-AFT Riverside
Alicia Muñoz, AFT Guild, San Diego & Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community Colleges
Rosa Nicasio de Lis, ABC Federation of Teachers
Luz Nunez, AFT College Staff Guild
Cara Oklin, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers
Juan Ramirez, United Teachers Los Angeles
Teresa Reen, San Jose Federation of Teachers
Alma Saucedo, Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers
Lucia Villarreal, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Staff Liaison