Higher Education Issues Committee

This committee consists of faculty and staff representing the California community colleges and four-year universities, public and private.

The purpose and goals of the CFT Higher Education Issues Committee are:

  • to identify and monitor significant issues affecting higher education in California;
  • to seek out and disseminate to locals and members information from AFT and other organizations about these key issues;
  • to monitor state and federal statues and regulatory policies that generate or affect educational issues in our colleges and universities;
  • to provide a forum for faculty and staff to engage in dialogue and support each other in efforts to make meaningful change;
  • to collect and distribute model contract language regarding key issues;
  • to keep CFT locals and members informed regarding important educational issues through articles in CFT publications, website resources, and workshops at CFT Conventions and other meetings;
  • to communicate the work and findings of the committee, in conjunction with CFT staff, to the media, the Legislature, and other interested parties.