Safe and Non-Violent Schools Committee

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The purpose and goals of the CFT Safe and Non-violent Schools Committee are

  • to monitor issues and activities relating to school safety at the State Board of Education, the California Department of Education, and other state education agencies.
  • to review existing policy and to make policy recommendations on issues relating to school safety to the CFT Executive council, State Council and Convention.
  • to monitor state and federal statutes and regulatory policies that relate to school safety.
  • to keep CFT locals and members informed regarding the status of school safety programs, policy and legislation.
  • to present reports to CFT governance bodies on issues relating to school safety.
  • to build coalitions between CFT and other organizations involved in promoting school safety.
  • to monitor and make recommendations concerning relevant credential regulations made by the Commission on Teacher Credentialling.
  • to develop workshops and school safety for CFT governance and training meetings.
  • to testify on behalf of the CFT before state and federal legislative bodies on school safety issues.

Committee members

Rachel Santos, Chair, ABC Federation of Teachers
Ayesha Brooks, United Teachers Los Angeles
Marietta Calva, Early Childhood Federation
Robert Chacanaca, Santa Cruz Council of Classified Employees
Pat Egan, Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers
Darcy Foster, Morgan Hill Federation of Teachers
Mark Griffin, Berkeley Council of Classified Employees
Melanie House, United Teachers Los Angeles
Susan Kitchell, United Educators of San Francisco
Sylvia Qualls, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers
Donald Santoianni, AFT College Staff Guild
Tammie Ward, Oxnard Federation of Teachers & School Employees
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Staff Liaison