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Special Education Committee 

The purpose and goals of the CFT Special Education Committee are:

  • to keep the Federation and its members informed regarding special education trends and programs that will impact on school employees and students;
  • to keep the Federation and its members informed through articles for CFT publications;
  • to develop workshops and to make oral and written reports before various governance bodies of the Federation, area councils, Executive Council, State Council and annual convention;
  • to attend the meetings of the Advisory Commission on Special Education and other appropriate entities in order to represent the Federation on issues that come before them;
  • to review existing policy and to formulate and prepare policy recommendations for the CFT in the field of special education.

Committee members

Marcela Chagoya, Co-Chair, United Teachers Los Angeles
Pinky Uppal, Co-Chair, ABC Federation of Teachers
Lucia Arias, United Teachers Los Angeles
Matt Beaton, Petaluma Federation of Teachers
Bernadette Boddington, Paso Robles Public Educators
Vicki Bridges, Morgan Hill Federation of Teachers
Janet Carlen, Gilroy Federation of Paraeducators
JoAnn Copp, Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers
April Farris, El Rancho Federation of Teachers
Judithanne Gollette, El Rancho Federation of Teachers
Sandra Gordon, Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers
Dawn Heeren, ABC Federation of Teachers
Tari Johnson, Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers
Patricia Anne Ross, United Educators of San Francisco
Elyse Vosberg, Petaluma Federation of Teachers
Norman Zelaya, United Educators of San Francisco
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