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About California Teacher
California Teacher is the CFT's flagship news magazine that is mailed to all union members. The award-winning 24-page magazine contains union news and positions of import to all members, and covers major issues in each educational division of the CFT: EC/TK-12, Classified, Community College, University, and Retired. California Teacher has won numerous awards from labor communications groups for its excellence in storytelling.

Publication schedule
California Teacher is published four times during the academic year.

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Please send letters, submissions, or other inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Publications Director and Editor.

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Each issue includes a list of contents and a downloadable pdf document.

Special Edition

UTLA Strike

Six Days That Shook Los Angeles
Part 1: Teachers and communities lay it on the line

Part 2: Charter schools cost Los Angeles Unified nearly $600 million per year

Part 3: UTLA retirees provide young strikers a link to the 1970 and 1989 walkouts

Part 4: For CFT President Josh Pechthalt, the UTLA strike is personal

Part 5: A new generation of parents shows its commitment to local schools

Part 6: Teachers never walk alone when they have union brothers and sisters 

Nov-Dec 2018

A Blue Wave – but what next?

Election 2018: CFT’s heavy lifting helps flip seats, elect Thurmond, win local races

Strike? UTLA rallies forces to win schools students deserve

It’s a family affair: When parents and children are union brothers and sisters

Sep-Oct 2018

A Blue Wave — only if we make it happen

Choose True Blue on November 6

CFT members step up to the plate following Janus v. AFSCME decision

Security doorlocks: The CFT’s persistent legislative efforts will lead to greater school safety


CFT CT71.4 cover
Apr-May 2018

100th Anniversary Kick-Off

100 years of the CFT - a capsule history

25 years of ballot box victories

70 years of California Teacher in print

convention special

Special Online Edition Convention 2018

Convention 2018
March 23-25: Hilton Orange County in Costa Mesa

Delegates take decisive action

Constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky

Endorsed candidate Tony Thurmond

Delegates join March For Our Lives

California Teacher Feb Mar 2018 Cover Feb-Mar 2018

Teacher leader pride taking activisim to new levels

Parkland massacre sparks national movement

Supreme Court to decide 'free rider' case

Tony Thurmond clearly the best choice

CalTeacher 71.2 cover sm

Nov-Dec 2017

Wildfires ravage communities and members' lives

Pesticides near schools regulated for the first time

Classified workers participate in campus greening

CFT responds to proposal for fully online college


CT Cover 71.2

Sep-Oct 2017 

Delivering for the union

Conservatives launch another attack on union democracy

Creating a safe campus for undocumented communities

CFT reaches an historic agreement with ACCJC


California Teacher 70.4 cover sm

Apr-May 2017 

National Day of Action

Prop 58 brings new focus for bilingual education

Bringing playground aides into classified service

Faculty meets ACCJC president

California Teacher 70.3 cover sm

Feb-Mar 2017 

Unions stand strong

Making our campuses safe havens for all

Thinking pink: Women's March motivated and inspired

Accreditation restored at last!



CaliforniaTeacher 70.2 cover sm

Nov-Dec 2016

Demand a future free from hate

Union Analysis of Election 2016

Black lives matter discussion moves, inspires

The Trump effect on politics

CalTeacher 70.1 cover sm

Sep-Oct 2016

Vote November 8th

Yes on Proposition 58

Family outreach helps students survive life's crisis

Anatomy of a victory

CalTeacher 69.4 WEB cover sm

Apr-May 2016


Extend benefits of Prop. 30

Vote June 7!

A century of workers' rights


CalTeacher 69.3 Cover
Feb-Mar 2016


Keep it working: Extend Prop. 30

Food service in a changing world

Make higher education free

CT Nov Dec 2015 cover sm
Nov-Dec 2015


Celebrating a milestone

UC lecturers expose precarity

Los Angeles fights billionaire bully

California Teacher cover 69.1 small
Sep-Oct 2015

Black Lives Matter

Task force says replace ACCJC

Power of Workers’ Rights Boards

Lawsuits you need to know

CT Apr May 2015 cover smApr-May 2015

Close the loophole

CFT Convention

Get to know Jose Medina

California Teacher 68.3 cover sm
Feb-Mar 2015

Momentum for part-timer equity is building

Teachers build public support

Health clerks protect students

UC lecturers start bargaining

CT68.2 cover largeNov-Dec 2014

Getting respect

Justice pending: The ACCJC trial

Classified wear many hats

Sealing the relationship

CT 68.1 cover sm
Sep-Oct 2014

Tom Torlakson

CFT appeals Vergara ruling

General Election November 4

Accreditation agency on trial

CT67.4 cover
Apr-May 2014

School nurse testifies

Save postal worker jobs

Moral Mondays leader inspires

Vote Torlakson in June 3 primary

CT67.3 cover sm
Feb-Mar 2014

Community action

Vergara: What you need to know

Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds

CFT releases part-timer pay study

CT Nov Dec 2013 cover sm
Nov-Dec 2013

Access denied

Changing state of adult education

Union provides parent workshops

Affordable Care Act benefits part-timers

ct october 2013 cover sm
Sep-Oct 2013

Union stance advances fight for fair accreditation

Private college faculty goes union

Lessons from Latin America

K-12 gets ready for Common Core


CT66.4 CT cover small
Apr-May 2013

Feds threaten kids' garden and cooking program

New book offers narrative of hope

Unions can shape best plan for schools

CFT files complaint against ACCJC


CT66.3 cover sm
Feb-Mar 2013

Building a movement to end high-stakes testing

Classified locals build power

Community defends SF City College

Conversation with Jerry Brown

CT66.2 cover

Nov-Dec 2012

Smart Voters Choose

State Chancellor lays out vision

Local unions score major victories

Protect your privacy in the internet age


66.1 California Teacher cover sm

Sep-Oct 2012

Election 2012

Prop. 30: YES to save education

Prop. 32: NO to save union voice

New law brings pension changes

CT April May2012 cover sm

Apr-May 2012

Organizing for the the future, educating to succeed

Members oppose ethnic studies ban
Vote for the best: CFT picks for June 5
Two-tier violate Master Plan

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