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About California Teacher
California Teacher is the CFT's flagship news magazine that is mailed to all union members. The award-winning 24-page magazine contains union news and positions of import to all members, and covers major issues in each educational division of the CFT: EC/TK-12, Classified, Community College, University, and Retired. California Teacher has won numerous awards from labor communications groups for its excellence in storytelling.

Publication schedule
California Teacher is published four times during the academic year.

Who to contact
Please send letters, submissions, or other inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Publications Director and Editor.

Issue index
Each issue includes a list of contents and a downloadable pdf document.

California Teacher 70.4 cover sm

Apr-May 2017


National Day of Action
Prop 58 brings new focus for bilingual education
Bringing playground aides into classified service
Faculty meets ACCJC president

California Teacher 70.3 cover sm

Feb-Mar 2017


Unions stand strong

Making our campuses safe havens for all

Thinking pink: Women's March motivated and inspired

Accreditation restored at last!



CaliforniaTeacher 70.2 cover sm

Nov-Dec 2016

Demand a future free from hate

Union Analysis of Election 2016

Black lives matter discussion moves, inspires

The Trump effect on politics

CalTeacher 70.1 cover sm

Sep-Oct 2016

Vote November 8th

Yes on Proposition 58

Family outreach helps students survive life's crisis

Anatomy of a victory

CalTeacher 69.4 WEB cover sm

Apr-May 2016


Extend benefits of Prop. 30

Vote June 7!

A century of workers' rights


CalTeacher 69.3 Cover
Feb-Mar 2016


Keep it working: Extend Prop. 30

Food service in a changing world

Make higher education free

CT Nov Dec 2015 cover sm
Nov-Dec 2015


Celebrating a milestone

UC lecturers expose precarity

Los Angeles fights billionaire bully

California Teacher cover 69.1 small
Sep-Oct 2015

Black Lives Matter

Task force says replace ACCJC

Power of Workers’ Rights Boards

Lawsuits you need to know

CT Apr May 2015 cover smApr-May 2015

Close the loophole

CFT Convention

Get to know Jose Medina

California Teacher 68.3 cover sm
Feb-Mar 2015

Momentum for part-timer equity is building

Teachers build public support

Health clerks protect students

UC lecturers start bargaining

CT68.2 cover largeNov-Dec 2014

Getting respect

Justice pending: The ACCJC trial

Classified wear many hats

Sealing the relationship

CT 68.1 cover sm
Sep-Oct 2014

Tom Torlakson

CFT appeals Vergara ruling

General Election November 4

Accreditation agency on trial

CT67.4 cover
Apr-May 2014

School nurse testifies

Save postal worker jobs

Moral Mondays leader inspires

Vote Torlakson in June 3 primary

CT67.3 cover sm
Feb-Mar 2014

Community action

Vergara: What you need to know

Healthy Kids, Healthy Minds

CFT releases part-timer pay study

CT Nov Dec 2013 cover sm
Nov-Dec 2013

Access denied

Changing state of adult education

Union provides parent workshops

Affordable Care Act benefits part-timers

ct october 2013 cover sm
Sep-Oct 2013

Union stance advances fight for fair accreditation

Private college faculty goes union

Lessons from Latin America

K-12 gets ready for Common Core


CT66.4 CT cover small
Apr-May 2013

Feds threaten kids' garden and cooking program

New book offers narrative of hope

Unions can shape best plan for schools

CFT files complaint against ACCJC


CT66.3 cover sm
Feb-Mar 2013

Building a movement to end high-stakes testing

Classified locals build power

Community defends SF City College

Conversation with Jerry Brown

CT66.2 cover

Nov-Dec 2012

Smart Voters Choose

State Chancellor lays out vision

Local unions score major victories

Protect your privacy in the internet age


66.1 California Teacher cover sm

Sep-Oct 2012

Election 2012

Prop. 30: YES to save education

Prop. 32: NO to save union voice

New law brings pension changes

CT April May2012 cover sm

Apr-May 2012

Organizing for the the future, educating to succeed

Members oppose ethnic studies ban
Vote for the best: CFT picks for June 5
Two-tier violate Master Plan

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State of the Union

About the State of the Union

Find a snapshot summary of the union's priorities in the State of the Union annual report. Read about the union's campaign victories, legislative successes, priorities and actions of the Division Councils, and find the union's financials. Download the booklets below.

State of the Union: Annual Report 2014 (pdf, 12pp)

State of the Union: Annual Report 2013 (pdf, 12pp)

State of the Union: Annual Report 2012 (pdf, 12pp)

Your source of workplace and union information

CFT provides members important information about professional issues and workplace rights through numerous newsletters and publications. You can find a summary of each publication below and download the current issue of each newsletter. Click on the links to read some stories online, to get more information or contact the editor, and to access the archives.

California Teacher 70.4 cover sm
California Teacher
As the CFT's flagship publication, California Teacher contains news and information that affects all members. It also contains news specific to each division of the CFT. California Teacher is published four times during the academic year. All members receive California Teacher. 
View current issue
CFT perspective May2017 Cover Page 1

Community College Perspective
A publication of the Community College Council, Perspective contains essential news about issues in the community colleges. It is published three times during the academic year and is sent to faculty and staff working in the colleges.
View current issue

CFT Classified Insider 7.1 cover sm
Classified Insider
Classified Insider contains valuable news and information about the workplace issues of classified employees and paraprofessionals. The newsletter is mailed to classified and paraprofessional members of CFT. 
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Part Timer28.1 cover sm
This newsletter published twice during the academic year addresses issues of import to part-time faculty in the community college and UC systems. Part-Timer is sent to faculty members working in the community college and UC systems. 
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About receiving publications
If you are not receiving a publication that you would like to read, please let us know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us your name, mailing address, and AFT local union name and number. If you are not a member, you may also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Quick facts about the CFT and its positions

factsheet opener graphic-smCFT Fact Sheet
From our union's origins to our officers, it's all summed up here in the one-page CFT Fact Sheet. The Fact Sheet provides a quick introduction to the state federation. You will get a snapshot of the union's top leaders and a quick overview of the structure of CFT and how our union works.

Download the CFT Fact Sheet

Position Papers
Want to know where the union stands on an issue? The CFT takes positions on the issues that matter to educators and their unions.

Teacher Evaluation: Where the CFT stands on teacher evaluation.
Student Assessment: The union's position on testing of students.

CFT Issue Papers
CFT members write about the issues that matter. These Issue Papers can be distributed to members to build solidarity around common workplace issues and to inform decision-makers and legislators about the work we do. Download the following CFT Issue Papers:

Adult Education written by the CFT Adult Education Commission.
Part-Time Faculty
 written by the CFT Part-Time Faculty Committee.

CFT White Paper
Occasionally CFT publishes longer papers on given topics. White Papers can be used for member and public education. Download the following CFT White Paper.

"What makes quality public education? Ask the experts. That’s what the education union did," written by the CFT EC/K-12 Council.

Who to contact
Email inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Publications Director.

CFT Pocket Calendar made with California members in mind

16 17 calendar opener graphic SM

Get your own 2016-17 CFT calendar!
Many local unions order the popular CFT Pocket Calendars and distribute them to members. You can ask your local union leaders for a CFT calendar, or you can order one yourself. The 15-month CFT Pocket Calendar is made expressly for California AFT members and contains loads of useful information.

Award-winning calendar
Each year, the calendar showcases the work of a different artist on the cover, and features top-quality images of CFT members inside. The calendar has won numerous awards from the AFT and the AFL-CIO for editorial and graphic excellence. What's more, the calendar is produced by union workers in California, helping to build solidarity among workers and a strong state economy.

In the CFT Pocket Calendar, you will find:

  • academic year calendar, from August 2016 to October 2017
  • state and federal holidays
  • state and national action guides
  • state and national member benefits directories
  • state and national union scholarship offerings
  • CFT and AFT meeting and event dates 
  • your Weingarten Rights
  • local, state and national labor history dates 
  • lots of pictures of California union members

  • capsule guide to how the CFT works
  • space for local union contact information 
  • inspiring thoughts from quotable people
  • handy notes pages and long-lasting protective plastic cover

How to order a single calendar
To order a CFT Pocket Calendar, please send $1 to cover calendar cost plus shipping and handling. Your calendar will be mailed to you right away.

CFT Pocket Calendar
CFT Bay Area Office
1330 Broadway, Suite 1601
Oakland, CA 94612

Publication schedule
The CFT Pocket Calendar is published in July.

Who to contact
Local unions can submit significant dates in local union history for inclusion in the annual calendar. Please send dates and other inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Publications Director.


About Part-Timerparttimer opener graphic250
Part-Timer is a CFT newsletter that promotes the interests of part-time faculty working in the California community colleges and the University of California. It contains news about the movement to establish better conditions of employment for adjunct faculty, both in California and North America.

Publication schedule
Part-Timer is published twice during the academic year, in the fall and in the spring. The newsletter is sent to AFT local union leaders who distribute it to union members.

Who to contact
Please send letters, submissions, or other inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CFT Publications Director.

Issue index
Each issue includes a list of contents and a downloadable pdf document.

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