Teacher tenure ruling should inspire Republican reforms
Fox and Hounds | July 3, 2014 
The recent court decision essentially invalidating teacher tenure has unleashed a virtual torrent of reaction from all sides and every side – as well it should. 

Staples boycott grows | July 1, 2014
Dozens of protesters carrying signs and banners marched inside a Staples store in Northeast Portland June 20, where they attempted to present a petition signed by 500 Portland residents who have pledged to boycott the office supply stores. 

Editorial: A gold star for legislators on EpiPens and bilingual education
Sacramento Bee | June 30, 2014
Assembly Education Committee members earned an “A” for outstanding accomplishment Wednesday by negotiating political obstacles to make the right moves on two important bills. 

Final ruling in Vergara could be years in coming
EdSource | June 30, 2014
Vergara v. State of California, in which a Superior Court judge struck down California’s teacher tenure, layoff and dismissal laws, may be headed for a lengthy appeals process. A clue to how long may lie in another far-from-resolved education lawsuit.

California teachers take another hit from politicians
Counter Punch | June 30, 2014
With Democratic Governor Jerry Brown in office since 2011 and the Democratic Party winning a supermajority in the state legislature in 2012, one might think that organized labor was secure and riding high. At least, that is the impression organized labor projects during campaign season. But the Democratic politicians have used their supermajority to serve up a cruel bill of fare to working people, who are still trying to digest it. 

OP-ED: Can America Really Fire Its Way to Better Teachers?
The Ann Arbor Independent | June 30, 2014
To the average American there’s only one Vergara that matters: “Modern Family” actor Sofia Vergara. But despite never gracing a single magazine cover, Beatriz and Elizabeth Vergara, two Los Angeles Unified School District students, have a bombshell court case named after them, one that’s likely to have a greater impact on the nation than the talented television star.

Protesters against USPS-Staples partnership demonstrate in Downtown Berkeley
The Daily Californian | June 29, 2014
Opponents of the U.S. Postal Service’s decision to allow Staples to operate postal counters at its stores have set up camp outside the Downtown Berkeley Staples. 

Podcast: Is teacher tenure unconstitutional?
Constitution Daily | June 27, 2014
The National Constitution Center’s Jeffrey Rosen is joined by two attorneys involved in the California teacher tenure case to discuss its constitutional implications. 

Audit slams California community college accreditation process
Sacramento Bee | June 26, 2014
The accrediting commission that evaluates California’s community colleges acts inconsistently and without enough public disclosure, according to a state audit released Thursday.

Commission that revoked accreditation to City College of SF deemed inconsistent in audit 
San Francisco Appeal | June 26, 2014
The commission that revoked City College of San Francisco’s accreditation last year has been inconsistent in sanctioning schools and applies sanctions at a higher rate than other accreditors, a state auditor’s report released today said. 

Poll shows state voters are willing to weaken teacher job protections 
LA Times | June 26, 2014
California voters support weakening teacher job protections that were the subject of a high-profile trial in Los Angeles, according to a poll released Thursday.

After teacher tenure ruling, could student evaluations gain ground?
San Jose Mercury News | June 26, 2014
Maki O'Bryan faced the teacher from hell her junior year at George Washington High School in San Francisco. The teacher was constantly late to class, talked about her personal life, put down her students and the school and gave bad grades to those who even questioned her.

Right decision, wrong reasons 
Victorville Daily Press | June 25, 2014
As an instructor at a public community college for 34 years, I had a mixed reaction to the ruling of Judge Rolf M. Treu of Los Angeles that California’s teacher tenure law violates the rights of students, “particularly poor and minority students,” and is therefore unconstitutional. Of course, tenure shields bad teachers, whether ill prepared or lazy. But it may also protect good ones, who are well-prepared but perhaps also critical of administration. Everything cuts two ways. 

California ruling ignores real factors behind school performance
AFL-CIO Now | June 12, 2014
Earlier this week in a suit financed and backed by corporate and wealthy benefactors—including those with investments in charter schools and educational technology—a California judge ruled that the state’s teacher tenure and seniority-based layoff statutes were unconstitutional. 

Silicon Valley’s Welch vows nationwide fight on teacher tenure 
Bloomberg News | June 12, 2014
The fight to end teacher tenure is just beginning, said David Welch, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur who backed a California lawsuit in which a state judge ruled the practice was unconstitutional.

Judge Overturns Job Protections for CA Teachers in Landmark Case 
Public News Service – CA | June 11, 2014
A judge's decision to declare some of California's teacher employment rules unconstitutional has teachers' unions vowing to appeal.

Aftermath: what the Vergara decision means 
Capital & Main | June 11, 2014
Reagan Duncan has taught a combined kindergarten-first grade class in Vista for 10 years. When she heard about Tuesday’s ruling in the Vergara v. California trial, she feared the worst. The case’s plaintiffs sought to throw out the state’s job protections for its teachers on the grounds that the safeguards make it impossible to dismiss “grossly ineffective” teachers. 

Is this the end of teacher tenure in California?
San Francisco Chronicle | June 11, 2014
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge threw out California's teacher tenure laws Tuesday, calling them unconstitutional and declaring in a landmark ruling that public school students and their teachers are cheated by the state's system of hiring and firing instructors. 

U.S. schools chief calls California ruling 'a mandate' to fix tenure, firing laws 
CNN | June 11, 2014
A California judge ruled as unconstitutional Tuesday the state's teacher tenure, dismissal and layoff laws, saying they keep bad teachers in the classroom and force out promising good ones. 

California teacher tenure is struck down: Expect years of appeals

Los Angeles Times | June 11, 2014
The ruling Tuesday by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge that struck down job protections for teachers in California as unconstitutional will undoubtedly spawn a series of appeals that could last years before a final outcome is reached.

California teacher tenure ruling: Not as earthshaking as it seems? 
Christian Science Monitor | June 11, 2014
Many educators are calling Tuesday's court decision – striking down five, key teacher protections as unconstitutional – a historic turning point that will vastly improve American education. 

Debating tenure protections for public school teachers 
PBS Newshour | June 10, 2014

A California judge ruled that the state’s tenure protections for public school teachers are unconstitutional. Students who sued the state argued that the tenure policies denied their right to a quality education. Gwen Ifill gets reaction from Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers, and Russlynn Ali, former assistant secretary to the Department of Education.

Judge rejects teacher tenure for California 
New York Times | June 10, 2014
A California judge ruled as unconstitutional Tuesday the state's teacher tenure, dismissal and layoff laws, saying they keep bad teachers in the classroom and force out promising good ones.

California court rules teacher tenure creates impermissible unequal conditions 
Washington Post | June 10, 2014
A Los Angeles judge Tuesday struck down teacher tenure and other California laws that offer job security to educators, a decision that is expected to trigger widespread challenges of teacher job protections nationwide. 

Teacher tenure dealt legal setback 
Wall Street Journal | June 10, 2014

A California judge declared the state's strong teacher-tenure laws unconstitutional in a rebuke that promises to spur similar challenges around the country. 

Capitol Alert
Sacramento Bee | June 6, 2014
The battle for City College of San Francisco continues. California Federation of Teachers President Joshua Pechthalt will join community college faculty members and students at a rally outside the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges meeting today, urging the body to reconsider its decision to revoke City College's accreditation. Follow the chants to the Citizen Hotel starting at 11.

Calif. accreditor won't budge on City College decision
AFT | June 4, 2014
When it holds its semiannual meeting in Sacramento June 4-6, the California-based Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges is determined not to reconsider its decision to revoke the accreditation of the 85,000-student City College of San Francisco. 

CCSF absent from agenda for accrediting commission meeting 
San Francisco Examiner | June 4, 2014
Despite requests to extend the accreditation compliance deadline for City College of San Francisco, the accrediting body for more than 130 colleges is not scheduled to discuss the fate of the embattled school at its final meeting of the year, which begins today. 

Sweetheart deal with Staples results in postal cuts in San Francisco 
People’s World | June 3, 2014
In the wake of a secretive, sweetheart deal to outsource postal operations to low-wage, high-turnover Staples stores, the U.S. Postal Service is reducing customer service hours at 21 of 39 U.S. Post Office stations in San Francisco. Cutbacks in hours are also planned in surrounding Bay Area communities. 

Cleaning up Sacramento an issue for candidates in 32nd state Senate district 
Long Beach Press-Telegram | June 1, 2014
Tuesday’s primary election for the 32nd state Senate district is, to a degree, overshadowed by the allegations of corruption against state Sen. Ron Calderon.


School workers union ratifies 3-year deal with LA Unified
LA School Report | July 3, 2014
Members of the school service workers union, SEIU Local 99, have ratified their three-year contract agreement with LA Unified, raising the wage of nearly 20,000 workers to $15 an hour by July 1, 2016.

City College’s board of trustees should be restored
San Francisco Examiner | July 2, 2014 
At its meeting next week, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors will consider a resolution that continues the reign of the Special Trustee with Extraordinary Powers at City College of San Francisco and thus continue the suspension of the college's democratically elected board of trustees. This is an egregious disregard for democracy as well as the will of the San Francisco voters.

Top 6 shockers: how Weingarten and Deasy agree on tenure
LA School Report | July 2, 2014

The stage was set with the two public education luminaries, ready to square off on such lightning rod issues as tenure and teacher dismissal laws in the wake of last month’s Vergara trial: Randi Weingarten, leader of the nation’s second largest teachers organization, AFT, and Superintendent John Deasy, leader of the second largest school district in the country, Los Angeles Unified.

It's a trap
San Francisco Bay Guardian | July 2, 2014 
As City College of San Francisco struggles to loosen the noose around its neck, this week its accreditors are slated to offer the college a new way out. But some skeptics are sounding the alarm: it's a trap.

Teacher dismissal fix shows Capitol can collaborate, but public wants more
Modesto Bee | July 2, 2014 
Faster action in egregious cases of misconduct by teachers has been signed into law. Teachers, too, are applauding AB 215. It streamlines the process, “saving the state time and money while protecting students and ensuring an educator’s rights to due process,” the California Teachers Association said.

California teacher reform lawsuit sparks copycat, more likely to come
California Watchdog | July 1, 2014
Teacher quality is the most important in-school factor in students’ education, the National Council on Teacher Quality says.

Bruce Maiman: A cautionary tale for those applauding teacher tenure ruling
Sacramento Bee | July 1, 2014
This story has two components – one many would like to see eliminated, the other a warning of what might happen if we do.

Firing bad teachers: A superintendent and a teacher's union official debate
The Atlantic | June 29, 2014
Dr. John E. Deasy, Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, supports the California lawsuit against the state's tenure, layoff and termination rules. He believes that the current system has a disparate impact on the quality of education offered to poor students and minorities, and is therefore unconstitutional.

City College of S.F., commission both need overhaul
SFGate | June 29, 2014
City College of San Francisco may not have had its house in order - but neither did the commission that decided to terminate its accreditation, according to State Auditor Elaine Howle in a heated report released Thursday.

State auditor slams accrediting group that sanctioned CCSF
SF | June 27, 2014
The California state auditor slammed the commission trying to revoke accreditation from City College of San Francisco on Thursday, confirming accusations from faculty critics that it treats other colleges more leniently, is too secretive, and imposes sanctions significantly more often than do other accrediting commissions around the country.

California State Auditor takes a swipe at community-college accreditor
Chronicle of Higher Education | June 27, 2014
The California Legislature directed the state auditor’s office to look into whether the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges was complying with state and federal laws and was applying its standards consistently, in particular in its controversial decision to revoke the accreditation of City College of San Francisco. 

State auditor criticizes CCSF’s accreditor as inconsistent
San Francisco Examiner | June 27, 2014 
The commission that revoked City College of San Francisco's accreditation last summer acted inconsistently, lacked transparency and could have given the school more time to meet accrediting standards, according to a report from the state auditor's office released Thursday.

California auditor criticizes CCSF's accreditor
Inside Higher Ed | June 27, 2014 
The California State Auditor on Thursday issued a scathing report on the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), the regional accreditor that has come under fire for its handling of the City College of San Francisco crisis.

Audit criticizes panel for move to revoke S.F. college's accreditation
Los Angeles Times | June 26, 2014
In a blistering critique, state auditors Thursday faulted the decision by a private panel to revoke the accreditation of San Francisco's only community college and found that the overall authorization process is weak.

More thoughts about the Vergara v. California teacher tenure and seniority decision
Washington Post | June 26, 2014
I have a new blog post up about Vergara v. California, the recent trial court decision striking down various teacher tenure and seniority statutes under California’s Equal Protection Clause. 

Poll finds Common Core opposition rising
EdSource | June 26, 2014
An annual poll of Californians’ views on education contains bad news for teachers unions and advocates of the Common Core standards, good news for backers of charter schools, mixed news for preschool supporters and a warning for State Superintendent Tom Torlakson in his re-election campaign against Marshall Tuck.

Vergara ruling should spark collaboration, not confrontation: Guest commentary

LA Daily News | June 26, 2014
Although the ramifications of Vergara v. California — Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu’s ruling that found California’s laws governing teacher tenure, dismissal and layoffs unconstitutional — sent shock waves through the nation, the unionized teachers at Green Dot Public Schools won’t feel as much as a quiver.

Californians like teachers but hate teachers' lifelong tenure and seniority: poll
LA Weekly | June 26, 2014
If California teachers felt a shadow pass over today, it was the fairly stunning PACE/USC Rossier Poll showing California residents are sick of "last hired, first fired" teacher union rules and oppose the nearly automatic tenure system that makes it all but impossible to fire crappy teachers.

Erwin Chemerinsky: Scapegoating California teachers

Orange County Register | June 25, 2014
Laws providing for job security for teachers are not to blame for educational problems in California or elsewhere. There is little evidence that lessening job protections for teachers would do anything to make education better. In fact, it might make education worse by making teaching a less attractive profession.

The case against teacher tenure (Vergara v. California): The (un)Treu story
Huffington Post | June 25, 2014
The setting, the characters, and the dialogue in this play, are fictional. Unfortunately the court case, Vergara v. California, and the judge's decision are all too real.

Bill to create teacher tenure for small districts dies in committee
LA School Report | June 25, 2014
A bill that sought to create teacher tenure for California’s smallest school districts died in committee today when the bill’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, could not generate enough support for passage by the Senate Education Committee.

A lawsuit to upend New York tenure laws

New York Post | June 25, 2014
An earthquake struck California this month. This week, the aftershocks finally hit New York.

Obama alums join anti teachers union case
Politico | June 24, 2014
Teachers unions are girding for a tough fight to defend tenure laws against a coming blitz of lawsuits — and an all-out public relations campaign led by former aides to President Barack Obama.

Advocacy group targets New York teacher tenure and seniority laws
Wall Street Journal | June 24, 2014
In the wake of a California court ruling against the state’s teacher tenure laws, a student advocacy group is preparing to take the fight to New York.

Vergara vs. California: Are the top 0.1% buying their version of education reform?

Washington Post | June 23, 2014
The Vergara vs. California decision has garnered a great deal of media attention. It has been covered as an education story, a labor story, a legal story, but the connection to another highly topical subject has been largely overlooked: Vergara vs. California is an income-inequality story.

Commentary: Vergara decision on tenure — and our union
LA School Report | June 23, 2014
I came to education out of the business world. Before entering the classroom, I was making my way up the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 company. But then, over 15 years ago, I realized that I wanted a job where “success and advancement” would mean changing more lives, not just earning more money.

AFT President Takes Secretary Duncan to Task Over Vergara Ruling

Education Week | June 13, 2014
American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is angry about U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's statement on the Vergara v. California ruling, and she wants everyone to know.

Tenure Is Not the Problem | June 13, 2014
On Tuesday, a California court struck down state teacher tenure and seniority protections as a violation of the rights of poor and minority students to an equal education. The decision, which will make it easier to fire bad teachers, who are disproportionately found in high-poverty schools, is being hailed as a great triumph for civil rights. Bruce Reed, president of the Broad Foundation and a former Democratic staffer, suggested the ruling was “another big victory” for students of color, in the tradition of Brown v. Board of Education.

Job protections do not hurt students 
New York Times | June 12, 2014
America is the land of misdirected anger. This time, teachers in California are on the receiving end.

Due process prevents capricious firings

New York Times | June 12, 2014
A century ago, teaching was one of the few white-collar jobs open to women. Classes were large, salaries were low, and working conditions were poor. Supervisors and school boards, male-dominated, made many rules governing teachers' lives. In some cities, for example, school boards fired teachers if they married, or if they were allowed to marry, they were fired if they became pregnant.

Why that ruling against teacher tenure won't help your schoolchildren 

Los Angeles Times | June 12, 2014
Tuesday's ruling by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu declaring all sorts of job protections for teachers "unconstitutional" is being hailed by a certain category of education activists.

Last Dance of the Lemons | June 11, 2014
Reader: barely had the verdict been announced in the landmark legal case Vergara vs. Lemons when the verdict was reached.The Vergara verdict represents a huge win for the kids.

Vergara decision is latest attempt to blame teachers and weaken public education

Huffington Post | June 11, 2014
Judge Rolf M. Treu, who decided the Vergara case, declared that he was shocked -- shocked! -- to learn from Professor Raj Chetty and Professor Thomas Kane of Harvard about the enormous harm that one "grossly ineffective" teacher can do to a child's lifetime earnings or to their academic gains.

Making it easier to fire teachers won't get you better ones 
Los Angeles Times | June 10, 2014
Tuesday's ruling by Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu, which held that California's contract with teachers violates the state's constitutional guarantee to an equitable education, is certain to set off legal battles across the nation. Explaining his ruling, Treu wrote that inequities in teaching quality, which disproportionately affect low-income and minority students, "shock the conscience." And he's right. They do. Yet his ruling will do nothing to solve the problem.

Court thinks billionaires know more about schools than teachers 

Blue Nation Review | June 10, 2014 
Today there was a decision in California. A judge struck down basic protections for teachers. His logic: For students to win, teachers must lose. Of course, that’s ridiculous.

California teacher firing bill headed to Gov. Jerry Brown

Sacramento Bee | June 12, 2014
Against the backdrop of a ruling declaring California's teacher dismissal rules unconstitutional, the Assembly on Thursday unanimously passed and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown legislation speeding the teacher firing process.

Huge CCSF win: College won't close, deadline extension expected
San Francisco Chronicle | June 12, 2014
In a stunning turnabout, City College of San Francisco will not be forced to close and is expected to retain accreditation under new rules proposed Wednesday by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

Reprieve for CCSF 
Inside Higher Ed | June 12, 2014 
City College of San Francisco may get two more years to work on keeping its accreditation, thanks to a shift by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

San Francisco City College can stay open, for now
Sacramento Bee | June 11, 2014 
One of California's largest community colleges has another chance to hold onto its accreditation and stay open.

Accrediting commission may give San Francisco college time to prevent closure 
San Jose Mercury News | June 11, 2014 
City College of San Francisco may be able to keep its doors open, at least for now.

New rules could keep San Francisco community college open 
Los Angeles Times | June 11, 2014 
The battle to save San Francisco’s community college may finally be resolved as a private panel on Wednesday announced new rules that could allow the troubled institution to retain accreditation.



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