Purpose & Goals

• To identify and monitor significant educational issues affecting education in the state.

• To seek out and disseminate to CFT locals and members information from AFT and other organizations about these key issues.

• To keep CFT locals and members informed regarding important educational issues through articles in CFT publications and workshops at CFT conventions and other meetings.

• To provide a forum for members to engage in dialogue and support each other in efforts to improve the governance and structure of education.

• To create a network of people and groups within the CFT interested in and/or committed to quality public education.

• To collect and distribute existing contract language and negotiated contracts of effective locals.

• To monitor state and federal education legislation, statutes, and regulatory policies that generate or affect educational issues.

• To explore and emphasize issues of common interest to all CFT Councils, locals, CFT members and all levels of education.

• To communicate the work and findings of the Committee, in conjunction with CFT staff, to the media and other interested parties (including legislators, CFT Locals and Members, CTA, etc.).


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