CFT Communications Awards

Showcase your local union communications

The Federation honors excellence and innovation in local union communications each year at the CFT Convention. The contest is a great way to recognize the efforts of union volunteers, leaders, and staffpersons who work hard to convey the union's message. It's also an easy way to acknowledge the commitment your local union has made in making our union a success.

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Smaller locals and larger locals compete separately in seven basic categories of communications. In those categories, entries from locals with fewer than 500 unit members are judged independent of entries from locals with more than 500 unit members. This is a unique opportunity for many locals. Don't miss it!

Deadline to enter the Communications Awards: January 25, 2019

How to enter: All entry forms for the CFT Communications Awards are posted here as single-page fillable pdf documents. Download only the forms you need and fill them out electronically in the free software Adobe Reader. (Note: If your browser is set to view pdfs, we suggest that you download the forms first and open them in Adobe Reader. This will ensure that you are able to fill out and save your completed forms.)

Submitting entries: Mail entries to CFT Communications Awards, 2001 Center Street, Suite 600, Berkeley CA 94704. Some entries can be emailed. Please read the Call for Entries for more detail.

Call for Entries: One short page of contest rules and a summary page listing categories.

Contest Entry Form: Must be submitted with your entries and signed by the local president.

Category Forms: Each entry must be accompanied by a Category Form. These contain category descriptions and instructions for submission.

Print Publication: 1-4 pages Best News Writing
Print Publication: More than 4 pages Best Feature Writing
Electronic Publication Best Editorial
Best Website  Best Original Art
Best Use of Social Media
Best Flyer or Poster
Best Bulletin Series  
Best Single Effort  
Best Public Relations Activity  

The winning entries range from newsletters to facebook pages. The pdf booklets below list the winning entries along with judges’ comments for first place winners. More recent booklets picture the first place winning entries.
2018 Awards, Illustrated (pdf, 23pp, 9mb) 2010 Awards, Listing(pdf, 10pp)
2017 Awards, Illustrated (pdf, 27pp, 18mb) 2009 Awards, Listing (pdf, 8pp)
2016 Awards, Illustrated (pdf, 27pp, 43mb)
2008 Awards, Listing (pdf, 8pp)
2015 Awards, Illustrated (pdf, 18pp, 18mb) 2007 Awards, Listing (pdf, 7pp)
2014 Awards, Listing (pdf, 25pp) 2006 Awards, Listing (pdf, 7pp)
2013 Awards, Listing (pdf, 11pp) 2005 Awards, Listing (pdf, 7pp)
2011 Awards, Listing (pdf, 10pp)


If you have questions about the awards, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., CFT Publications Director.