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The CFT Legislative Department introduces and lobbies for passage of union-sponsored bills. Lobbyists also analyze the hundreds of education and labor-related bills introduced in the state Legislature and the impact they will have on education, from early childhood to university. CFT lobbyists also monitor the state budget in collaboration with the CFT Research Department. You will find legislative updates about the state budget here and comprehensive Budget Briefs here. The updates below are listed with the most recent news on top.


Legislative Update | November 16, 2017 (pdf, 5pp)
This report summarizes the bills signed into law that will affect CFT members. The governor had until October 15 to sign or veto bills sent to him by the Legislature for the first year of the 2017-18 legislative session. Non-fiscal and non-emergency bills signed into law will take effect on January 1, 2018. This update also includes significant bills that the governor vetoed.

Legislative Update | September 27, 2017 (pdf, 5pp)
The first year of the 2017-18 legislative session ended on September 15 and the governor has until October 15 to sign or veto bills that were passed by the Legislature and sent to him for his signature. The CFT succeeded in moving several sponsored and priority bills to the governor’s desk, securing several budget victories, and passing a proposal before the Joint Legislative Audit Committee. The union also successfully fought back legislation that would have been harmful to educators, our students and communities.

Legislative Update | July 13, 2017 (pdf, 6pp)
The CFT successfully passed three of its four sponsored bills out of the Senate Education Committee. In addition, CFT was able to pass an education technology concurrent resolution out of the legislature. CFT also helped secure millions of dollars in appropriations to support the work of its members in the 2017-18 annual budget act which was signed into law by Gov. Brown on June 27.

Legislative Update | June 6, 2017 (pdf, 6pp)
Friday, June 2, was the last day for the Legislature to pass bills out of their house of origin. The CFT was successful in passing all four of our sponsored bills out of the Assembly. In addition, CFT's three budget proposals are included in current budget deliberations. And CFT's technology audit proposal was approved by the Joint Legislature Audit Committee.

Legislative Update | March 9, 2017 (pdf, 2pp)
The CFT has successfully introduced four sponsored pieces of legislation for the 2017 legislative year. In addition, CFT is working on two budget proposals and one audit request. These legislative initiatives were recommendations from the CFT Legislative Committee and approved by the Executive Committee.

2015-16 Legislative Session

Legislative Update | October 5, 2016 (pdf, 4pp)
Three of five CFT sponsored or co-sponsored bills signed by governor…Historic success sends unprecedented five bills to the governor for his signature

Legislative Update | September 9, 2016 (pdf, 7pp)
End of legislative session summary…CFT sends five union-sponsored bills and three priority bills to the governor's desk…Five historic budget victories… New laws address teacher recruitment shortage…Harmful legislation defeated along the way

Legislative Update | July 15, 2016 (pdf, 2pp)
CFT secures significant budget victories…Early childhood education block grant…Classified employee teacher credentialing program… Community schools and restorative justice…Community college part-time faculty office hours…City College of San Francisco restoration funding

Legislative Update | June 9, 2016 (pdf, 7pp)
CFT-sponsored bills pass out of their house of origin… Priority bills for the union… Bad legislation the union opposes…State budget update…Plethora of teacher shortage bills advance

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