How you can become a successful lobbyist

The California Legislature may seem daunting, but armed with a simple understanding of the legislative process, you can become an effective lobbyist almost overnight. The resources below will provide the basic information you need to succeed in personal visits and letter writing.

Roster Quick Guides Get the phone and fax numbers (both in-district offices and Capitol offices) and email addresses for your California legislators — fast — from these quick guides prepared by the CFT Legislative Department.

Assembly Roster  
Get to know California’s 80 assemblymembers. (pdf, 4pp)

Senate Roster  
Get to know California’s 40 senators. (pdf, 2pp)

Overview of Legislative Process  
A concise description of how a bill becomes law, from bill introduction to passage and placement in the California Code. Prepared by the Legislative Council. (pdf, 2p)

How a Bill Becomes a Law  
This flowchart diagrams the paths a bill can take in the California Legislature. (pdf, 1p)

Bill Terminology  
Learn how legislative bills get named and how to decode bill prefixes. Prepared by the CFT Legislative Department. (pdf, 1p)

Glossary of Legislative Terms  
Navigate the Legislature more quickly by understanding key definitions ranging from “Conference Committee” to “veto override.” Prepared by the CFT Legislative Department. (pdf, 2pp)

How to Lobby in Person 
Tips for successful personal visits with your elected officials. Prepared by the CFT Legislative Department. (pdf, 1p)

Letter Writing Tips  
How to write effective (and proper) letters to your legislators. Prepared by the CFT Legislative Department. (pdf, 1p)

leg take action

Find the bill language, amendments, and where it is in the legislative process.

Find your state legislators by entering your California address and clicking on the locate button to find your Senate and Assembly representatives. Click through to their websites to contact them.

Be a volunteer lobbyist by completing this form that will be sent to our Legislative Department. We need your expertise in the State Capitol!