CFT introduces bills in 2016 legislative session

Members communicate their ideas for union-sponsored legislation in a number of ways including governance meetings and resolutions at the CFT Convention. When the CFT adopts a sponsored bill program, lobbyists work to secure legislators to author the bills and shepherd the bills through the legislative process to the governor’s desk. The following are the CFT-sponsored bills introduced in January and February for the coming legislative year.

Charter school student access and due process rights
SB 322 (Leno, D-San Francisco) ensures equal access to all interested charter school students and prohibits practices that discourage enrollment or disproportionately push out segments of students already enrolled. Ensures that charter school discipline policies are fair and transparent and that a student’s constitutional right to due process is protected at charter schools in suspension and expulsion proceedings.

Teacher professional development
AB 2353 (McCarty, D-Sacramento) requires the State Department of Education to develop a curriculum for professional development covering culturally responsive instruction and make this curriculum available as part of its continuing education and professional development programs for teachers. (Co-sponsor)

Survivor benefit equity
AB 1878 (Jones-Sawyer, D-Los Angeles) gives the survivors of deceased classified employees the ability to afford the funerals of their loved ones by increasing the death benefit amount of these CalPERS members from $2,000 to $7,045.

Paraprofessional teacher certification program
AB 2122 (McCarty, D-Sacramento) creates a teacher recruitment and training program that establishes a career ladder for paraprofessionals and provides funds for them to become certificated teachers.

Expanding parental leave by use of sick leave
AB 2393 (Campos, D-San Jose) provides classified employees and community college faculty (full- and part-time) with up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers. Specifically, when a qualified employee has exhausted all available sick leave and continues to be absent on account of parental leave, the employee would receive “differential pay,” which is calculated by reducing the employee’s salary by the amount paid to his or her substitute. This bill extends last year’s new benefit for certificated employees in TK-12 schools to more educators. (Co-sponsor)

Part-time faculty job security and due process
AB 1690 (Medina, D-Riverside) requires that minimum job security standards be created through the collective bargaining process for part-time faculty by establishing a seniority list and protections against assignment load reductions. (Formerly AB 1010)

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