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CFT provides training opportunities for local unions

The CFT offers a wide range of training opportunities to help members and leaders build strong local unions. The schedule of trainings for the spring and summer of 2018 is listed below. You can register for the trainings with an (*) by clicking on them or by using the “Register” button.

The CFT is also launching a pilot program of webinar trainings in 2018. Webinar registration will be independent of the CFT website. Watch your email for further information from the Training Department.

Training offerings for 2018

April 17 Elements of a Good Local Union Plan That Get Results  Webinar:
3:30 – 5 pm
April 26 Digital Communications and Action Network: Tools for Online Organizing & Member Communications  Webinar:
4 – 5:30 pm
May 15 Compliance with Legal Issues & Constitutional Requirements Webinar:
10 – 11:30 am
June 18-21 CFT Union Summer School Luskin Conference Center, UCLA
June 20-21 CFT Union Summer School for union teams: Get Ready to Launch a Member-to-Member Outreach Drive in
Luskin Conference Center, UCLA 


Train-the-Trainer: Worksite Leaders Training Program

Participants will leave this Train-the-Trainer prepared to teach the CFT Worksite Leaders Training Program for new union site reps, building reps, and stewards. The training that participants will deliver covers a range of introductory topics including legal rights, basic grievance handling, role of worksite leaders, member outreach, and tools to address worksite issues and contract violations. This is a great course for local unions that aim to strengthen representational programs and expand member-to-member outreach.

Train-the-Trainer: Political Organizing

2018 will be a critical year for public education, unions, and workers’ rights with many local board seats open, the governor, the superintendent of public instruction, and other significant state races in play in November. This curriculum will provide local union leaders and staff with materials for political action workshops at their union meetings throughout the year.

Union steward and site representative training

Achieving good resolutions 
to on-the-job issues is an important way that the union brings fairness and the voice of educators to the workplace. In this introductory course for union stewards and site representations we discuss strategies, best practices and skills to address on-the-job issues so that our classrooms, campuses, school buses, offices, and school grounds are better places for our members to work and our students to learn. We look at a variety of tools including basic grievance handling, organizing and member outreach.

Strategic planning for local unions

The CFT Training Department provides local unions with meeting planning and facilitation support for executive board retreats and strategic planning sessions. In these meetings, local leadership teams focus on the strategies and best practices that will enable your organization to successfully meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Teams discuss concrete goals and make plans to put ideas into action. The CFT Training Department is also available to assess your local union’s training needs and work with your local leadership to create a customized training and leadership development plan.


For program information, email CFT Training Director Laura Kurre. For registration or logistical support, email Taylor Mohel. Telephone 916-446-2788.