CFT Convention 2019 100 Years

Planning for a successful CFT Convention

Hotel Room Reservations

New this year! The CFT will be making room reservations at the Biltmore for all delegates and guests attending the CFT Convention. Local unions will be able to reserve rooms for their entire delegations. The room rate is $218 per night. If you have any questions about room reservations, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline to return your rooming requests to the CFT Sacramento office is February 25.

> Download the Hotel Room Reservation Request (fillable pdf)

Getting There
By plane: The closest airport is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It is 18 miles from the airport to the Biltmore.
By car: The Biltmore is situated in downtown Los Angeles. Find driving directions online by using the hotel address: 506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90071.
Note: The Los Angeles Marathon is Sunday, March 24, and runners will pass through downtown L.A. near the Millennium Biltmore. Please take this into consideration when making travel plans.

Rules for Delegate Election
Delegates must be nominated and elected according to the CFT By-Laws and the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (commonly referred to as the “Landrum-Griffin Act”). This federal law, the AFT Constitution and CFT Constitution, require that: 

1. Each member shall have a reasonable opportunity to be nominated as a delegate.

2. Notice of election of delegates shall be mailed to each member at least 15 days in advance of the election. Notice may be contained in the local union newsletter as long as it is mailed to the last known address of each member.

3. Election shall be by secret ballot.

4. Results shall be published and records (including ballots) kept for one year.

5. The president or other elected union officer may serve as a delegate without a special election provided:

• He or she was elected to office by secret ballot according to provisions of the Landrum-Griffin Act, and,
• The local constitution or by-laws state that one of the duties of office is to be a delegate to the CFT Convention.

Although many locals divide expense allocations equally by common practice, the Labor Department has ruled that expenses need not be distributed equally among the delegates, provided that the rule for allocating the expenses is passed before the nomination of candidates. The guiding principle to follow is that the rule must be reasonable and able to be uniformly enforced.

> Find a helpful step-by-step guide to delegate elections in the booklet, Conducting Local Union Officer Elections. (pdf, 93pp)

Campaign Rules for State Officer Elections

This document outlines the rules that shall govern election campaigning. The rules are meant to ensure fairness, keep order, and preserve the integrity of the election. In general, candidates should try to maintain “the spirit of the campaign” which is an atmosphere of friendly competition with others and respect for the election process. A copy of this document shall be distributed to all candidates.

> Download the Campaign Rules (pdf, 2pp)

Guidelines for Writing Effective Resolutions
When writing resolutions on topics that impact our union and the work we do, please take the time to research your whereas’s and resolves and write the resolutions as clearly as possible. It’s important that delegates cast informed votes at CFT Convention, so please follow these guidelines for writing effective resolutions.

• Read the requirements for submitting resolutions described in the Convention Call. Follow the resolution format by using the Resolution Template below.
• Write your resolution assuming that readers know nothing about the subject, why there is a problem, and what role the CFT should play in its solution. Please spell out names of organizations and proper nouns on first use.
• Use the “whereas” clauses to educate readers about the problem the resolution addresses. Be accurate in your facts and both succinct and complete in your presentation of them.
• Be sure the action you ask the CFT to take is an appropriate one. For example, if your concern is one that falls within the scope of negotiations, don’t ask for legislation to take the place of local bargaining. 
• If your local adopts a resolution that came from another organization, take the time to modify it for CFT’s consideration. Don’t submit resolutions that are addressed to other organizations.
• Document that the resolution was approved for submission at a meeting of your local’s membership or executive board.

Download the Resolution Template (Microsoft Word) 

ADA Accommodations

The CFT will make every effort to assist in ensuring that accommodations at the Millenium Biltmore are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will attempt to accommodate any special needs so that delegates may participate fully in Convention activities. If a delegate anticipates a special need ensuing from a disability, the delegate should call the CFT Bay Area office at (510) 523-5238 before the deadline of February 8.

Child Care Requests

Child care can be made available for the children of delegates according to the criteria adopted by the Executive Council. To learn more, or to notify CFT of child care needs, return the Child Care Request form on the website, or call the CFT Bay Area office at (510) 523-5238 by February 25

> Download the Child Care Request (fillable pdf) 

Division Council Membership

Please indicate the number of members from your local union in each division of the CFT. If the CFT does not receive this form from a local union, it will use allocation from the previous year. Return this form by March 8.

> Download the Division Council Membership form (fillable pdf)

Committee Service for Delegates
All proposed constitutional amendments and resolutions are first reviewed by one of the Convention committees. These committees are given the task of recommending whether an amendment should be adopted, whether a resolution needs modification, what action the Convention should take concerning the resolution, and the order of importance for resolutions to be considered. All delegates are encouraged to participate in these important sessions to ensure a democratic Convention process.

Each delegate who wishes to serve will be assigned to one Convention committee. The CFT President shall appoint delegates to committees based on delegates’ expressed choices, giving weight and consideration to balance and to service on standing committees of the Federation. Members of CFT standing committees who are delegates shall be appointed to the corresponding Convention committees to coordinate the work of those bodies. No more than 20 percent of committee membership may be from one local. Only assigned members of the committee may debate and vote upon resolutions before the committee.

The CFT President shall appoint Convention committee chairs and members of the Constitution Committee with the approval of the Executive Council. The deadline for delegates to select committee service is March 8.

Nominations and Elections
Resolutions Subcommittees

  • Education Finance
  • Health Care, Retirement and Benefits
  • Professional Issues: EC/TK-12
  • Professional Issues: Higher Education
  • Socio-Political 

> Select Committee service online 

Delegate and Alternate Rosters

Lists of elected delegates and alternates must bear the signatures of the president and the secretary of the local, and the seal of the local. Your local’s list must be received at the CFT Bay Area office by March 8.

> Download the Delegate Roster (fillable pdf)
> Download the Alternate Roster (fillable pdf)

Visitor and Guest Registration

Visitors and guests to CFT Convention must register with the CFT. Please return this form, which requires the name and signature of the sponsoring delegate or staff member. 

> Download the Visitor and Guest Registration (fillable pdf)

Meal Events Advance Purchase
Delegates and local unions may purchase tickets online for meal events being held during the CFT Convention, including our 100th Anniversary celebration. You will need to pay by credit card. Each meal event has a separate link. You may purchase single tickets or multiple tickets in one simple and fast transaction.

After you complete the purchase, your pdf tickets will be emailed immediately. (Note that the sender is Eventbrite, not the California Federation of Teachers.) Please print your tickets and bring them with you to Convention.

  • 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner: On Saturday evening, March 23, the CFT will host a gala dinner to commemorate our 100th anniversary. The dinner is open to all delegates, who can look forward to a celebratory event featuring music and special guests. The reception starts at 6:30 pm and dinner begins at 7:30 pm. Tickets cost $75. 
  • Community College Council Awards Breakfast: EC/TK-12 Council Awards Breakfast: On Sunday, March 24 at 7:30 am, the EC/TK-12 Council honors outstanding local union activists at its annual Pride of the Union Awards breakfast. Tickets cost $35. 
  • EC/TK-12 Council Awards Breakfast: On Sunday, March 24 at 7:30 am, the EC/TK-12 Council honors outstanding local union activists at its annual Pride of the Union Awards breakfast. Tickets cost $35. 

Delegate Credentials
Convention credentials must bear the signatures of the president and the secretary of the local, and the seal of the local. Credential cards can be downloaded from the CFT website. Each delegate must bring a credential card to Convention registration
on March 21, 22 or 23.

> Download the Delegate Credential (fillable pdf)


100th Anniversary Gala
Purchase tickets online and receive your tickets by email.

Hotel Reservations
Complete this form and return it to CFT by February 25.

Delegate T-Shirt Store
Local unions: Order free delegate t-shirts by March 3.

100th Anniversary Retail Store
Advance order hoodies and extra t-shirts by March 3.

Committee Service
Choose your committee service online by March 8.

For more information
Contact CFT Executive Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..