Key Documents

Find the documents that define how CFT works and how your local union works with CFT.


Constitution and Bylaws The document that defines how CFT is governed. (pdf, 13pp)

Planning Calendar Relevant CFT, AFT, and other dates on a single sheet. (pdf) Visit our interactive calendar with maps and more detailed event information.


Conducting Local Union Officer Elections A guide for election officials from the U.S. Department of Labor geared primarily toward officials with little or no experience in running an election. (pdf, 93pp)

CFT Staff Funding Assistance 2018-19 Includes the application for participation in the CFT Staff Funding Program, a helpful checklist, and regulations for program implementation. (pdf, 11pp) Locals must also submit a written plan. Download the fillable pdf. (3pp)

Legal defense funds

CFT Legal Defense Fund Policy  The CFT policies about legal defense grant eligibility and application guidelines are contained in this document. (pdf, 3pp)

CFT Preliminary Legal Report  Local unions must complete this preliminary report before incurring legal expense in order to receive a legal defense grant. (pdf, 1p)

AFT Legal Defense Grant Application The AFT may grant funds to local unions if they have a legal proceeding before a court, arbitrator or other administrative body that complies with AFT guidelines and policies. (pdf, 6pp)


Per Capita Payment

Per capita form 2018-19 for public sector: Local unions can use this Excel document and send with per capita payment to the AFT. 

Per capita form 2018-19 for private sector: Local unions can use this Excel document and send with per capita payment to the AFT. 

Audited Financial Statements

The CFT posts audited financial statements online each year and the most recent statements can be found below. The CFT statement for 2017 contains three years of audited financials.

CFT Financial Statements December 31, 2017, 2016 and 2015 (pdf, 42pp)

Agency Fee Audits

These reports are about fair share, also called agency fee, and are helpful to financial officers of AFT local unions. There is a report from the CFT and a California report from the AFT. Each contains an agency fee audit letter and report, accompanied by a cover letter from the respective secretary treasurer.

CFT Agency Fee Report 2017 for year ending December 31, 2017 (pdf, 12pp)
AFT Agency Fee Report 2018 for year ending April 20, 2018 (pdf, 12pp)


Expense Reimbursement Form Reimbursement request and guidelines for members attending committee meetings or other conferences or events on behalf of CFT. (pdf, 2pp)

Elected Statewide Leadership Stipend Request and certification for leaders who are not receiving release time, load reduction, or a reasonable stipend for CFT work from their local unions. (pdf, 2pp)

Expense reimbursement

To find guidelines about expense reimbursement for members attending the committee meetings or other conferences or events on behalf of CFT, download the Expense Reimbursement Request form. (pdf, 2pp)


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