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Teachers union president: Vergara lawsuit just an 'AstroTurf' attempt to dismantle teachers' rights
San Jose Mercury-News | February 12, 2014
Writing in the San Jose Mercury-News, CFT President Joshua Pechthalt warns of artificial movement threatening the rights of teachers. The plaintiffs in the Vergara v. California lawsuit, which challenges five state rules governing teachers' rights, are the face of a classic AstroTurf operation. AstroTurf looks like it grows from grass roots but is artificial -- manufactured by corporations seeking cover for their activities against the public interest. 

Bill would stabilize funding for City College of San Francisco
Los Angeles Times | February 10, 2014
Flanked by the mayor and officials from City College of San Francisco, state Sen. Mark Leno announced Monday that he has introduced legislation to guarantee funding levels to the institution as it fights to retain accreditation, despite enrollment drops triggered by its uncertain future. [...Meanwhile, the San Francisco city attorney and the California Federation of Teachers have filed lawsuits against ACCJC alleging...]

Deasy v. Deasy: The Two Faces of LA’s School Superintendent
Capital & Main | February 7, 2014
Last week’s testimony in the Vergara v. California trial raised many an eyebrow when Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Superintendent John E. Deasy testified on behalf of plaintiffs in a lawsuit whose defendants had originally included LAUSD.

Stop tenure tyranny and show some love for our hardworking teachers
Los Angeles Times | February 6, 2014
My mother retired recently from teaching under pretty much the best possible working conditions one could expect in an American high school.

Vergara hears moving testimony from oft-dismissed teacher
L.A. School Report | February 4, 2014
A stunning silence fell over the courtroom today when Bhavini Bhakta, the first teacher to testify in the Vergara v California trial, described the impact of the state’s current teacher dismissal and seniority laws. 

Teachers' Job Protections Debated in California Trial
Education Week | February 3, 2014
When a teacher fails to meet even basic job duties yet remains in the classroom, is that the fault of byzantine laws governing teacher dismissal—or the failure of administrators to adhere to them? 

Deasy provides fodder for both sides in lawsuit
Los Angeles Times | February 2, 2014
In a groundbreaking trial over teacher job protections, Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy was the early star witness — for both sides.

Despite accreditation woes, CCSF gets high marks from public
San Francisco Examiner | January 31, 2014
Even after several years of turmoil, threats of closure and a court battle, City College of San Francisco is still a respected institution, according to polling and focus group findings obtained by The San Francisco Examiner. […said Alisa Messer, president of faculty union AFT Local 2121...]


In Calif., Janet Napolitano’s Vision: More Unity, Money, and Research
The Chronicle of Higher Education | February 13, 2014
Janet Napolitano had zero experience leading a college before she became president of the University of California last year.

A fight is brewing over tests in the Common Core age
Washington Post | February 12, 2014
Testing season begins soon in U.S. public schools, requiring millions of students to spend days answering standardized questions in math and reading, as mandated by an outdated federal law. 

No contract yet for OC Dept. of Ed. workers
Orange County Register | February 12, 2014 
About 20 school staff members demonstrated outside the Orange County Department of Education on Wednesday to boost support for their union’s push for cost-of-living increase, a one-time pay increase and a boost to the cap on health care benefits.

IRS Explains How To Count Adjunct Work Hours
Huffington Post | February 11, 2014
The U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issued long-awaited guidelines Monday on how to determine whether adjunct faculty are full-time employees for the purpose of providing health insurance coverage. 

Duncan Says 'Preschool Education Is Ultimate Bipartisan Issue'
Huffington Post | February 11, 2014 
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan joined Bloomberg Radio's Jane Williams last week to talk about the state of education in this country. "Early childhood education has become the ultimate bipartisan issue," said Duncan. "We actually have more Republican governors than Democratic governors investing." 

Calif. ranks 6th in US on AP exam participation
SF Gate | February 11, 2014 
California often ranks near the bottom of national measures of education quality and student achievement, but a report to be published Tuesday puts the state ahead of the curve in one area: the number of public school students enrolling in Advanced Placement classes and also doing well enough to earn college credits.

CCSF to formally appeal the revoking of its accreditation
San Francisco Examiner | February 9, 2014
City College of San Francisco officials will soon be filing a formal appeal of the decision made last July to revoke the school's accreditation after a regional commission rejected the school's bid to have the decision reviewed.

Concerned with growing class sizes, teaching assistant union files complaint against UC
Sacramento Bee | February 9, 2014 
As a teaching assistant in the music department at University of California, Santa Cruz, Lisa Beebe is regularly assigned to classes that have more than 350 students.

Ravitch unloads on school ‘deform’
Washington Post | February 5, 2014
Diane Ravitch, the education historian who has led a de facto national movement against current education policies — including standardized testing, charter schools, vouchers and teacher evaluations tied to student test scores — said Tuesday evening that “the White House’s obsession with data is sick.” 

The Teacher Commitment That Cannot Be Evaluated With Tests
The Nation | February 5, 2014 
Teachers, parents and students are pushing back against high-stakes testing, over-testing and the fantasy that education is made better by preparing for, conducting and evaluating tests. 

Alpine teachers reject tentative pact
U-T San Diego | February 5, 2014
In a vote taken Tuesday and Wednesday by secret ballot and announced Wednesday afternoon, members of the Alpine Teachers Association rejected a proposed contract settlement with the Alpine Union School District. 

Sacramento area school districts resist push for smaller class sizes
Sacramento Bee | February 5, 2014
Gov. Jerry Brown’s new school funding plan promises smaller class sizes, but that is more dream than reality at some California districts. 

51 Groups Call On President To Not Let For-Profit Colleges Weaken “Gainful Employment” Rule
The Consumerist | February 4, 2014 
Last summer, the Dept. of Education began the process of reviewing a new rule aimed at those educational institutions that failed to demonstrate their students could find gainful employment in the fields in which they had been trained. The for-profit college industry has managed to weaken the rule, but today more than 51 different groups — including advocates for consumers, veterans, and students — asked the President to help prevent this rule from becoming toothless. 

Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach City College partner in scholarship program for undocumented students
Los Angeles Daily News | February 4, 2014 
Officials at Cal State Long Beach and Long Beach City College announced Tuesday that they will partner with the private sector to provide scholarships for students who are in the country illegally. 

California community colleges could offer bachelor's degrees | February 2, 2014 
Tamara Martin, a nursing student at College of San Mateo, desperately wants a bachelor's degree in her field, so she applied to Cal State East Bay because it had 60 open spots and would surely have room. But 199 people had the same idea. 

Long Beach City College experiments with tiered pricing
Los Angeles Times | February 3, 2014 
Every semester since 2009, Sequoyah Hilt has tried to sign up for a phlebotomy course at Long Beach City College. She never got a seat. 

There Have Already Been At Least 11 School Shootings This School Year
The Nation | February 3, 2014
The Associated Press counts at least eleven US school shootings since the start of the 2013–14 academic year, more than eight months after Congress rejected a gun control proposal prompted by the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Fresno Unified teachers wear black to protest contract proposal
Fresno Bee | February 3, 2014
Dozens of Fresno Unified teachers wore black Monday, protesting an employee contract pitched by administrators that lengthens school days and ties student test scores to teacher evaluations. 

Teachers’ unions resist all-out assault
Workers World | February 1, 2014 
Some $682 billion in public funds was spent in the United States in 2012-13 on pre-K through Grade 12 education. This vast amount of public money provides a vast market for businesses to exploit, and, where possible, to privatize. ( 

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