Labor Education

The CFT Labor In The Schools Committee helps teachers reach students with information about the history and current place of the labor movement in American democracy. Committee members are classroom teachers, faculty from community college and university labor studies programs, and classified employees. The committee meets several times a year to plan, develop and evaluate various programs. These include development of lesson plans on labor across all subject matter areas and grade levels; periodically updating a clearinghouse of K-12 curricular materials and labor education activities; workshops for teachers and unionists to give them access to these materials and tips on teaching about labor; tracking public education policy relating to teaching about labor; and overseeing work on two long-term projects: Golden Lands, Working Hands, and the Collective Bargaining Education Project.

The CFT Labor in the Schools Committee is available to assist teachers in all aspects of teaching young people about the labor movement, and welcomes comments and suggestions about these topics.

Communications may be directed to:
Labor in the Schools Committee
2001 Center Street, Suite 600
Berkeley, CA 94704

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Order Golden Lands, Working Hands

Golden Lands, Working Hands is a three hour video series that introduces students, union members and the general public to California labor history. Order online here.