1946 Oakland General Strike

The Occupy Wall Street movement has accomplished in a few short weeks a remakable change in public conversation:  putting at the center of national discourse the growing divide between the richest 1% and everyone else.  It has illustrated the degree to which corporations and financial institutions control our political system.  It has highlighted the struggles many of the 99% are facing to keep our jobs and our homes, to provide and receive quality education in the face of devastating budget cuts, to receive fair treatment from banks, and maintain our dignity under ever worsening conditions caused by income inequality and lack of tax fairness.  It has tapped the deep anger and frustration of a generation that went to school, played by the rules, and yet waits in unemployment lines. 

We are the 99%!
CFT supports the goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Rarely do our history textbooks do a good job of providing contextual information about social movements that expalin their part in making American democracy a vibrant, living process.  Wednesday, November 2 has been declared a "Day of Action" in support of Occupy Wall Street.  Here are links to our CFT-produced educational materials about the 1946 Oakland General Strike, of special relevance to the "Day of Action" in Oakland. Note:  The video and its accompanying lesson plans are California Department of Education-approved supplemental curriculum materials for 11th grade history.

Video and classroom materials

  • Work Holiday Lesson Plan (pdf)
    A lesson plan by Craig Gordon including role plays about the 1946 Oakland General Strike.
  • Work Holiday Lesson Appendix (pdf)
    Supplementary materials for use with the above lesson plan.
    If you decide to use any of these lesson plans in your classes, please let us know here.