Guides to buying union-made products

  • AFL-CIO Union Label Department Find clothing and products made in the United States by U.S. manufacturers. And download the Union Label app to help you find union-made products. Check the AFL-CIO boycott list before buying!
  • Labor 411: Making it Easy to Buy Union With more than 4,700 union products and services and growing, Labor 411 is a comprehensive listing of union-made products. 
  • Powell's Books Buy books and gift cards at the best union bookstore in the world where the workers are members of ILWU, Local 5.
  • United Auto Workers Consumer Buying Guide This guide helps you find and purchase a car or truck made by members of the United Auto Workers. It also lists dozens of automotive-related and other products made by UAW members.
  • Union Hotels Guide You can quickly and easily find a socially responsible union hotel where UNITE HERE members are employed on FairHotel website or by downloading the FairHotel app. Check the UNITE HERE boycott list when making hotel reservations.
  • United Students Against Sweatshops A national student labor organization fighting for workers’ rights with chapters on more than 150 campuses.
  • Workers Rights Consortium An independent labor rights organization that conducts investigations of working conditions in factories around the globe with the aim of combatting sweatshops and protecting the rights of workers who make apparel and other products.