You are not alone in the workplace

As a member of the CFT, you are part of a vital and active organization committed to upholding educational standards for our students and ensuring the best possible workplace for you. The power of the union stems from collective action. That begins with you, but you don't stand alone. The CFT stands with you.

Security on the job

You have a reliable union to call on when you’re having trouble in the workplace and good contracts backed up by strong union representation. Top-notch professional field representatives are available to assist your local union in negotiating and in processing grievances resulting from violations of your contract.

Liability protection on the job

AFT offers your local union the option to buy a $1 million occupational liability insurance plan which protects you in the event of a work-related lawsuit, such as a child’s parent bringing suit.

Lesson planning for classroom teachers

Educators can search more than 420,000 FREE lesson plans and activities including curated collections at Share My Lesson. Get news stories and lesson supplements from PBS Newshour Extra, Listenwise, Anti-Defamation League, Re-Imagining Migration and Science Friday.

Advocacy and access

Full-time lobbyists in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., advocate for your rights and quality education. You have access to local, state and national experts in community outreach, political action, research, educational issues, communications and technology.

Learning + knowledge

The union sponsors valuable conferences on professional issues and holds training workshops for members, leaders, and staff. From the CFT, you can keep up on professional issues through the all-union California Teacher and online at, as well as division newsletters Community College Perspective, Part-Timer, Classified Insider, and UC-AFT Insider email newsletter . From the AFT, in its Voices blog, in American Educator, and online at

Solidarity with workers

The AFT’s 1.7 million members support effective public and private education and the best working conditions for all members. The AFL-CIO, with 10.5 million members and their families, provides solidarity and strength to achieve common goals.

Use your AFT membership card to access national discounts

Through the AFT and the AFL-CIO, members have access to dozens of high-quality discounts and services. As a CFT member, you are entitled to the benefits offered by the AFT member benefits program, AFT +. These programs include discounts, voluntary insurance programs and services to help members save money and add value to your union membership.

You can learn about these benefits by logging in to the members-only section of the AFT website. You will need your AFT membership card to log in. (If you did not receive a membership card in the mail, request one on the AFT website, or phone toll-free 888-238-5646.)

AFT Advantage is a valuable benefit that gives you and your family exclusive access to a FREE online shopping program for AFT members. Save anywhere from 10 percent to 70 percent off electronics, apparel, home furnishings, tickets and much more. Get discounts at AT&T Wireless, Target, Ann Taylor, Blue Nile Jewelry, Lands' End, Hewlett Packard, Powell's Books and more.

To learn more about your AFT + benefits of membership

  • Go to the AFT website.
  • Phone toll-free 800-238-1133 x 8643.
  • Download this booklet with full explanations of each benefit and a comprehensive directory of contact information (starting on page 9).

CFT-endorsed vendors provide quality services

In addition to the myriad national benefits of union membership, the CFT has also endorsed several vendors, which provide services to California members.

United Estate Planning, Inc attorneys have been offering labor union members top-quality estate planning at an affordable price for more than 50 years. With United Estate Planning, Inc. an experienced estate planning attorney will prepare your living trust according to your specific wishes, then meet with you to explain how to fund your trust and answer questions.

Mosher Financial Services provides financial and retirement services to the CFT members and a wide variety of investment choices and asset management. As an independent broker, Mosher Financial will help you identify financial concerns and find solutions, as well help you understand CalSTRS and CalPERS.

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Be a card-carrying union member
AFT mails membership cards to member homes. If you have not received your card, telephone (888) 238-5646 or go to Member Benefits. Validate your card on the AFT website

Log on to AFT +
By validating your membership card, you will create an account to access exclusive member benefits and resources. You can log in to your account any time to learn about your benefits, ask questions, or update your address. If you are not a member and want to join the Federation, click here.