CFT brings voice to 10th Annual Trinational Coalition in Mexico City

CFT at Trinational Coalition

Peter Brown is representing CFT at the 10th Annual Trinational Coalition to Defend Public Education now underway in Mexico City. Brown, sitting at the end of table with a laptop computer, teaches at Laney College and is a member of the Peralta Federation of Teachers.

The Trinational Coalition passed a resolution to hold a seminar on technology and education to analyze the impact of technology on educational processes from the perspective of workers and communities. As a result, this year's conference theme this year was "New Information and Communication Technologies and Education: Hegemony and Resistance."

The seminar held May 29-31 explores three major topics:“Political Economy of Technology and Education,” “Social Media and Education,” and “Pedagogy of Online Learning from a Teacher and Student Perspective.”

This seminar is co-sponsored by the Initiative for Democratic Education in the Americas network (a hemisphere-wide network) and the Trinational Coalition to bring together educators and students throughout the Americas. CFT has supported and participated in the coalition since 2008.