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Opponents of UC tuition hike take over building in protest
San Francisco Appeal | Nov. 19, 2014
A group of students and activists has taken over Wheeler Hall at the University of California at Berkeley this evening following a vote by a University of California Board of Regent committee earlier today supporting a tuition increase. 

In Cupertino: CCSF students, faculty demand restoration of local control
Cupertino Patch | Nov. 18, 2014 Dozens of students, faculty and other community members attended Monday’s California Community Colleges Board of Governors meeting in Cupertino to urge the swift return to power of the San Francisco Community College District’s elected board of trustees.

ALEC in cahoots with accrediting commission?
The Guardsman | Nov. 13, 2014
In light of City College’s accreditation crisis, college advocates have questioned whether the regional agency responsible for terminating the school’s accreditation has connections to a controversial think tank known as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

California chief's win a bright spot for teachers' unions
Education Week | Nov. 11, 2014
California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson's narrow re-election victory over challenger Marshall Tuck in the highest-profile election for state K-12 chief this year gave teachers' unions a big political win over their critics, after tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions supercharged that race. 

Triumph of the status quo
City Journal | Nov. 7, 2014
California’s education reformers had high hopes for Marshall Tuck’s insurgent campaign against State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. The 41-year-old former investment banker and charter school president tried to paint the 65-year-old incumbent, former legislator, and fellow Democrat as a creature of the state’s powerful teachers’ unions. 

Campos concedes to Chiu in District 17 assembly race
The San Francisco Appeal | Nov. 6, 2014
San Francisco Supervisor David Campos has conceded the race for the District 17 state assembly seat, his rival Supervisor David Chiu said this evening.

Incumbent Honda appears to survive challenge from Khanna
The Rafu Shimpo | Nov. 6, 2014
Following a contentious campaign, Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose) has apparently survived a challenge by fellow Democrat Ro Khanna in Tuesday’s election. 

Teachers unions defend their ground by getting Torlakson reelected
LA Times | Nov. 5, 2014
Teachers unions defended their ground in California this week — and bucked national trends — by helping to reelect a state schools chief in a race with broad implications for education policy and politics. 

California schools chief re-elected in race that became referendum on education reform
Reuters | Nov. 5, 2014
California's union-backed schools superintendent has won re-election, defeating a challenger who called for tying teacher pay to student performance and a reshaping of tenure rules in an expensive race that emerged as a referendum on education reform. 

Tom Torlakson declares victory in Calif. chief's election
Education Week | Nov. 5, 2014
Tom Torlakson has won the California state superintendent's race, beating Marshall Tuck after a close campaign. Torlakson, the incumbent, declared victory early on Nov. 5. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, according to the Los Angeles Times, Torlakson won 52 percent of the vote, compared to 48 percent for Tuck. UPDATE (12:53 P.M., Nov. 5): The Associated Press has called the race in favor of Torlakson, and Tuck has conceded the race. 

Torlakson victory ensures continuity in reforms
EdSource | Nov. 5, 2014
One immediate consequence of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson’s rebuff of challenger Marshall Tuck is to ensure the continuance of the cohesion in state education policy that has been forged since Gov. Jerry Brown returned to Sacramento four years ago. 

SF election 2014 wrap up: Chiu leading assembly race; incumbents re-elected; soda tax falls flat
The San Francisco Appeal | Nov. 5, 2014
David Chiu appears to be coming out in front of David Campos in the San Francisco race for District 17 state assemblymember, but the race is still too close to call, according to unofficial election results that came in late Tuesday night.

Inclusive selection process needed in selecting next LAUSD superintendent Guest commentary
LA Daily News | Nov. 3, 2014
With the departure of Superintendent John Deasy, the LAUSD school board has an opportunity to restore the community’s confidence in a school district that seems plagued with conflict and mismanagement. 


Colleges apply to offer four-year degrees
U-T San Diego | Nov. 21, 2014
Grossmont-Cuyamaca, MiraCosta, San Diego and Southwestern community college districts are among 36 in the state that have officially expressed interest in offering four-year bachelor’s degrees.

Los Angeles schools superintendent backs “parent trigger” privatization scheme

World Socialist Web Site | Nov. 21, 2014
The interim superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Ramon Cortines, announced last week that the “parent trigger” law can be applied this year, reversing a temporary block on the procedure put in place by his predecessor, John Deasy.

After UC regents OK tuition plan, eyes turn to Gov. Jerry Brown, state funding
LA Times | Nov. 20, 2014
The votes were cast and the protesters' chanting died down. Now months of political wrangling and budget negotiations are ahead before UC students know for sure how much next year's tuition will be.

Is the University of California system turning private?

  1. Newsweek | Nov. 20, 2014
    On the same day that the University of California (UC) approved significant system-wide tuition hikes and its students storm police barricades and shatter glass doorways in protest, UC Berkeley, the crown jewel of one of the nation’s most prestigious public university systems remains committed to its “Big Give”—in the school’s own words, the “first-ever 24-hour online fund-raising drive to support students, faculty and research.”

University of California approves tuition increase proposal

Sacramento Bee | Nov. 20, 2014
The University of California Board of Regents voted Thursday to adopt a plan that would allow UC to raise tuition by up to 5 percent annually over the next five years if the university does not receive more funding from the state.

Immigration order could mean more money for schools

U-T San Diego | Nov. 20, 2014
For public schools in this border region, educators hope immigration changes will curb the fear of deportation that many families face — something they say could assist districts financially, while also helping students emotionally.

Charter schools break law by making parents volunteer, report says

LA Times | Nov. 20, 2014
Scores of California charter schools require parents to volunteer as a condition for their child’s enrollment in violation of state law, according to a report by a civil rights organization.

California revenue projected to exceed budget estimates by $2 billion

Sacramento Bee | Nov. 19, 2014
Barring a stock market slump that drags down the state’s economy, California budgets will run surpluses through the end of the decade even as temporary tax increases phase out over the coming years, the Legislature’s nonpartisan fiscal analyst said Wednesday.

California schools, community colleges could get another $2 billion

LA Times | Nov. 19, 2014
California schools and community colleges could receive $2 billion in new funds as the state collects more revenue than expected, according to a report from the Legislature's budget advisor.

Copying off the test: For-profit colleges may benefit from a City College win
SF Weekly | Nov. 18, 2014
The courtroom drama to keep City College of San Francisco open is often viewed as a moral battle: The college artery pumps essential firefighters, mechanics, chefs, nurses, and plumbers into the body of this city.

CCSF trustees deserve to be reinstated now

San Francisco Examiner | Nov. 17, 2014
The California Community Colleges Board of Governors will consider a plan to reinstate City College of San Francisco's board of trustees at its meeting today. The plan outlines a process that will take 12 to 18 months to fully restore the trustees' powers. CCSF supporters will be there to demand the trustees' immediate return.

Advocates want art incorporated into Common Core

Capital Public Radio | Nov. 17, 2014
9-year-old Lillian Sanchez bounced around a Sacramento meeting room in a long pink skirt and a ruffled white top. She and her friends were performing a traditional Mexican dance at a Sacramento conference on arts in education.

Board of Governors to discuss plan for restoring control to CCSF trustees

San Francisco Examiner | Nov. 16, 2014
For the first time since the board of trustees lost its power last year after City College of San Francisco's accreditation was threatened, a deadline has been recommended for restoring local control.

Plaintiff attorney in the landmark Vergara case in Twin Cities to talk about teacher tenure

Minneapolis Star Tribune | Nov. 14, 2014
When a judge ruled this summer that California's teacher tenure laws deprived minority students of an equal education, legal observers concluded that it was likely other states could see similar lawsuits, particularly those where efforts to scale back tenure have failed.

Education secretary checks in on Common Core

U-T San Diego | Nov. 13, 2014
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan toured Angier Elementary School in San Diego on Thursday to get a firsthand look at the new Common Core academic standards that went into effect in California and most states this year.

Senate leader offers alternative to UC tuition hike proposal
LA Times | Nov. 13, 2014
Concerned that a surge in out-of-state students at the University of California may put residents at a disadvantage, Senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) on Thursday called for UC administrators to significantly boost tuition for nonresidents.

Student borrowing is down as tuition rises more slowly, study finds
LA Times | Nov. 13, 2014
Challenging the widely held fears that student debt continues to grow monstrously, new data show some financial good news for college students, particularly for those in California.

Cal State trustees approve budget, pay raises
LA Times | Nov. 13, 2014
California State University trustees approved a new budget Thursday for the 23-campus system and boosted the pay of top executives. The trustees also heard from students about campus fees but decisions on those won't be made until January.

School groups ask to delay API scores
EdSource | Nov. 12, 2014
The State Board of Education, as expected, voted Thursday to move ahead in the spring with the new Smarter Balanced tests on the Common Core State Standards while leaving open, for now, the decision on what to do with the test results.

Accountability plans should start with focus on Common Core
EdSource | Nov. 12, 2014
A couple of years ago, I began getting calls from my daughter’s school asking me to pick her up from the office. She would tell her teacher that she had a tummy ache, get sent to the office and ask the school secretary to call her daddy to come pick her up before she threw up.

As UC regents debate tuition hike, Brown may hold sway
LA Times | Nov. 12, 2014
The UC regents begin deliberations next week on a proposal to raise tuition by as much as 5% over each of the next five years. And although each member ostensibly has an equal vote, one may well have the strongest sway on public opinion and UC finances: Gov. Jerry Brown.

Students to protest student success fees
LA Times | Nov. 12, 2014
Dozens of California State University students who say they're already being squeezed too tightly by college costs are planning a rally to oppose campus-based fees at a meeting of trustees Thursday in Long Beach.

CCSF trustees may not return to power until 2016
SF Gate | Nov. 11, 2014
The elected Board of Trustees for City College of San Francisco, stripped of power in 2013, would have to wait until July 2016 before regaining full authority under a new plan from the state chancellor for California Community Colleges.

Study: Close screening process can improve teacher hires
Education Week | Nov. 11, 2014
Districts could boost their ability to hire teachers who help students learn more and who stay on the job longer by improving their screening techniques, a newly released working paper concludes.

Approach to fractions seen as key shift in Common standards
Education Week | Nov. 10, 2014
For many elementary teachers, fractions have traditionally sprung to mind lessons involving pizzas, pies, and chocolate bars, among other varieties of "wholes" that can be shared. But in what many experts are calling one of the biggest shifts associated with the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, more teachers are now being asked to emphasize fractions as points on a number line, rather than just parts of a whole, to underscore their relationships to integers.

Common Core unscathed in California elections
EdSource | Nov. 7, 2014
The Common Core State Standards, the principal reform now underway in California schools, emerged unscathed from the state’s fall electoral battles, including one of the most combative races for state superintendent of public instruction in decades.

Opinions differ on impact of Tuck’s campaign
EdSource | Nov. 6, 2014
In the hours since Marshall Tuck’s daunting but failed effort to unseat incumbent State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, education and political observers have reached different conclusions about the election and its significance.

UC faces opposition from Brown on tuition increase proposal
Sacramento Bee | Nov. 6, 2014
The University of California will likely face serious opposition in implementing its plan to raise tuition by up to 5 percent annually over the next five years, not only from students, but also from Gov. Jerry Brown, who has tied increased budget funding for the system to a four-year tuition freeze.

New L.A. student records system badly mishandled, report concludes
LA Times | Nov. 6, 2014
The rollout of a new student records system for Los Angeles schools was problematic at just about every level, according to a consultant’s report released Thursday.

UC proposes steady tuition hikes
LA Times | Nov. 6, 2014
For the first time in four years, UC leaders are proposing tuition hikes — as much as 5% in each of the next five years — to help cover rising costs and to expand the enrollment of California students.

Gov. Jerry Brown, students decry proposed UC tuition hikes
LA Times | Nov. 6, 2014
A University of California proposal to increase tuition by as much as 5% in each of the next five years drew sharp opposition Thursday from Gov. Jerry Brown, top state legislative leaders and student activists, ending three years of relative peace over the cost of public higher education in the state.

California Democrats fight over union label
SF Gate | Nov. 5, 2014
The simplistic narrative of California politics is that it’s solidly blue, and getting bluer. Indeed, Republicans have not won a statewide race since 2006, and registration has dropped below 30 percent in the nation’s most populous state.

Parents attend school to help students with Common Core math
Education World | Nov. 3, 2014
As Education World reported recently, parents have had some concerns about Common Core math. In response, some schools across the country are teaching parents Common Core standards, so it is easier for them to help their children at home.

Panel that rejected CCSF appeal over accreditation had ties to commission
SF Gate | Nov. 3, 2014
Four people on the independent panel that rejected City College of San Francisco’s appeal of the 2013 decision to revoke its accreditation had ties to the commission that made that decision, a witness testified Friday under questioning from a San Francisco city attorney trying to prove bias against the school.

Live testimony in CCSF trial concludes; both sides to make closing arguments next month
San Francisco Examiner | Nov. 3, 2014
Live testimony came to an end Friday in the trial that could save City College of San Francisco from closure by its accreditors.

When will school reform become a wedge issue for Democrats?
Sacramento Bee | Nov. 1, 2014
Before an audience primarily of African Americans at the Guild Theater near where he grew up in Oak Park, Mayor Kevin Johnson invoked the 15th Amendment right to vote, spoke of economic empowerment and praised Marshall Tuck.

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