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CFT Letter to Chancellor Knocks Commission for Unlawful Revocation of City College of San Francisco’s Accreditation

Letter Calls on Community Colleges Chancellor to Revoke Special Status of ACCJC, Invite New Accreditors

Sacramento, CA – In a letter today, California Federation of Teachers (CFT) President Joshua Pechthalt called on California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris and the President of the Board of Governors (BOG) Manuel Baca to set in motion a process to expand accreditation options for California’s Community Colleges.

The letter expresses doubt that the ACCJC will use its authority to rescind its order terminating City College of San Francisco’s accreditation and conduct a new and fair evaluation of the college. It argues that as a result, the BOG should revoke ACCJC’s special status and open up the process to other certified regional accreditors.

“It is time to replace the ACCJC, which has proven itself to be dishonest, unlawful, vindictive and unfair,” wrote CFT President Pechthalt. Pechthalt continued: “The ACCJC lacks meaningful oversight. It is unaccountable and can no longer be trusted to serve as a responsible accreditor of any California community college.”

ACCJC illegally reversed the City College of San Francisco Evaluation Team findings, which means it has to restore the College's accreditation. The letter describes in detail how the ACCJC was required by Federal regulations to clearly explain in writing every deficiency, permit the college a chance to defend itself, and postpone any decision until the next regular meeting of the Commission. It did none of these things.

The letter calls on the Community Colleges Board of Governors and State Chancellor to take action to:

  • Amend Title V of the California Code of Regulations deleting the ACCJC monopoly and allow every community college to affirmatively select its accreditor; and,
  • Issue a request for proposals from any willing accreditor to accredit California community colleges.

The letter, which can be read here, details the Commission’s violations of policy and law. It asserts that it’s time to rescind the decision and restore CCSF’s full accreditation. If the ACCJC fails to do so, the letter points out, there are alternatives to continued reliance on ACCJC.

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