Scott Walker’s Anti-Education and Anti-Worker Agenda Must Be Exposed

Scott Walker just won’t quit.

The worker-hating, union-attacking governor of Wisconsin is now going after higher education and college professors.

What Walker is proposing for Wisconsin is outrageous. This includes reducing state support for the university system by 11 percent; weakening tenure protections; and broadening the power of administrators to eliminate positions and departments all in the name of efficiency. You can read more about it in this L.A. Times article.

Walker’s record on workers’ rights has been atrocious. He’s eliminated collective bargaining rights for public employees, and signed a “right to work” bill shackling private sector unions. We all know that “right to work” just means the right to work for less.

If you think a union based in California shouldn’t worry about what’s happening in Green Bay Packer country, think again. Attacks on workers’ rights there can easily be replicated around the country. Making things even worse, Walker will likely be running for president soon. I don’t need to tell you how much of disaster a Walker presidency will be.

Under Walker’s leadership, Wisconsin now ranks at or near the bottom among states for job growth, wage growth and economic outlook. He’s a favorite of the Koch brothers, union-haters themselves hell bent on turning this country into a plutocracy.

The University of Wisconsin is one of the finest education institutions in the country. I was fortunate enough to earn my Masters Degree in Latin American Studies there many years ago and still regard that experience as the highpoint of my years as a student. Walker’s attack against the university is designed to stifle a key segment of the Wisconsin electorate that is willing to stand up to his reactionary politics.

The spirit of progressive populism that created the Farm-Labor Party and put many progressive legislators into office may have suffered a set back in these last few years but will no doubt reemerge again. We would do well to continue to support our sisters and brothers in Wisconsin. We must also be mindful that only by organizing our members and building strong and lasting alliances with the community can we prevent the kind of political disaster that has reversed years gains for workers and the labor movement.