booklet cover sm Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity for Black Males in California
This report follows on the heels of AFT's groundbreaking report “Reclaiming the Promise of Racial Equity in Education, Economics and Our Criminal Justice System." Resolution 16 at CFT Convention 2016 authorized the creation of a CFT Racial Justice Task Force to further develop and implement the proposals outlined in the AFT report. This report contains those recommendations. (pdf, 24pp)
CFT FactSheet thumb

CFT Fact Sheet 
From our union's origins to our officers, it's all summed up in the single-page CFT Fact Sheet. You will find snapshot bios of our union leaders and a quick overview of how our union works. (pdf, 2pp)


 CFT PositionPaper Teacher Evaluation

Issue Papers and Position Papers
CFT members define the issues that matter. These papers can be distributed to members to build solidarity around common issues, and to elected leaders to inform decision-making.

CFT WhitePaper ExpertsonQualityEducation White Paper: What makes quality public education? Ask the experts
In this award-winning white paper, Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Pasi Sahlberg support the position that “public education can be done right.” Written by the EC/TK-12 Council for member and general public education. (pdf, 4pp)
dignitycover CFT: Dignity, Respect, Security
The basic "CFT 101" pamphlet. It provides an overview of the CFT's structure, values, and functions. Perfect for new members, or for anyone who wants to know how the union governs itself, and how to become part of the union's many activities. (pdf, 24pp)
KnowYourRights cover-sm Know Your Rights: A guide to workplace laws for classified employees
This comprehensive analysis of the California Education Code as it relates to classified employees and paraprofessionals covers topics such as hours of employment, vacation and leaves, refusal to perform unsafe work and collective bargaining rights, plus the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. (pdf, 44pp)
CFT SOTU 2012-cover-sm State of the Union Report
Find a snapshot summary of the union's priorities in the State of the Union annual report. Read about our campaign victories, legislative successes, Division Council actions, and find the union's financials. Download the 12-page pdf booklets for 2014, 2013, and 2012.
cover workmoneypower Work, Money and Power: Unions in the 21st Century  
This 24-page booklet is the best single short overview of unions, their history, and place in American society today. In its third printing, the award-winning Work, Money and Power is also available in classroom sets for $1.50 per copy from the UC Berkeley Labor Center. Available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese. You may also phone the Labor Center at 510-643-7089. (pdf, 27pp) 

70 Years: A History of the California Federation of Teachers, 1919-1989
This overview history of the statewide federation also features more than 40 local histories. What do the lessons of CFT's past hold for the present? Why is the CFT a state federation, and affiliated with the AFL-CIO? Who were some of the most famous members and leaders of the CFT (example: Robert Oppenheimer). This 128-page soft-cover book is available in hard copy only and costs $5. To order yours, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pocket Calendars for educators

Starting in 2017, the CFT discontinued publication of its annual pocket calendar. However, local union leaders can still order pocket calendars from the AFT. Watch your email inbox in April, when the AFT emails local presidents to offer free back-to-school items, including pocket calendars.