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Perspective contains essential news about issues in the community colleges. It is published three times during the academic year and is sent to faculty and staff working in the colleges.

Part-Timer is published twice during the academic year addresses issues of import to part-time faculty in the community college and UC systems. Part-Timer is distributed to faculty members working in the community college and UC systems.

California Teacher is the CFT's all-union news magazine and contains information relevant to all members as well as a page specific to the issues of classified employees. The newsletter is mailed to all CFT members.

AFT On Campus is published by the national union and reports on issues facing higher education throughout the nation.


The AFT publishes several helpful email newsletters for higher education faculty.

AFT Higher Education is regularly published for higher education faculty and professional staff.

e-Activist Network offers alerts and easy ways to take important action quickly on legislation or initiatives that affects you, your workplace and your community.

Useful links

Accreditation watch
This site is an attempt to expose the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges for the rogue organization that it is and the harm it is causing at City College of San Francisco as well as at numerous other community colleges in California..

Local union contracts in the California community colleges
Available as links or downloadable documents and regularly updated by Cabrillo College part-time instructor John Govsky.

California Community College Registry A large-scale database containing the names, qualifications and desired position of potential California Community College faculty and

California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office The official online home of the state’s community colleges.

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Keep on the statewide Academic Senate.

Key Documents

Letter to Accrediting Commission for the California Junior Colleges
Former CFT President Marty Hittelman addresses the president of the Commission, October 2008.

Education Code Outline for Community Colleges
This index of code sections makes it easy to find sections of the Education Code quickly. (pdf)

A Framework for Contract Negotiations Related to Educational Technology Issues
This document contains advice for negotiating issues ranging from distance education to intellectual property rights. Prepared by the Distance Education and Technology Issues Committee of the Community College Council, March 2001. (pdf)

Distance Education Report
A summary by former CCC President Martin Hittelman, August 2001. (pdf)

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Jobs in the community colleges

Check out the California Community College Registry, a large-scale database containing the names, qualifications and desired position of potential California community college faculty and administrative job applicants.